Presenting IMMA

Maxim Vengerov talks about his position as Musical Ambassador of IMMA.

Main aims :

The International Menuhin Music Academy (IMMA) is a Swiss non-profitmaking foundation, established 1977 in Gstaad, Switzerland, by the late Lord Menuhin. The principle aim of IMMA is to develop the talent of exceptional, gifted young string players from around the world. The Academy provides them with the opportunity to further their musical education by offering instrumental technique, repertoire, chamber music, master classes and a programme of preparation for international competitions. An important part of their musical training is also the invaluable opportunity to gain solo and ensemble concert experience through performances with the Menuhin Academy Orchestra and with smaller chamber music groups.

The IMMA does not demand tuition fees and students of moderate means may apply for an annual grant. Financial backing is provided by donations from corporations and individuals, by the Circles of Friends, by subsidies from the community of Saanen/Gstaad as well as by concerts fees.

Attendance at the Academy is limited to a few very gifted students between 18 and 26 years old from all over the world.

Besides professors of international standard for all string instruments, the teaching staff also consists of permanent assistants. These are former students of the IMMA who pass their knowledge and experience on to their younger colleagues.

Due to its international nature, the Academy recruits students from all over the world. IMMA is an international institution which offers students concert experience in the form of a chamber orchestra, whether as soloists or orchestral members.

IMMA’s concert activities aim at :

  1. Integrating the students in an orchestra
  2. Giving them the occasion to perform in public
  3. Promoting IMMA at home and abroad
  4. Providing financial support for IMMA

In order to achieve its aims IMMA arranges master courses and organises lessons and contacts with personalities from all walks of musical life. For IMMA students, the main emphasis is laid on their personal work. A certain number of lessons are organised with first-class resident professors.

IMMA does not ask for tuition fees. Students of moderate means may apply for an annual grant. IMMA is conceived as a complement, not as an alternative, to the activities of already existing institutions. Moreover, IMMA promotes the cultural presence of Switzerland abroad and endeavours to make its contribution to Swiss musical life. IMMA informs the public of its activities by means of specific publications.

Financial Aims :

IMMA, a non-profit foundation, is run on the principles of business management. It strives to preserve the assets of the Foundation. The financial result should allow for the accumulation of necessary reserves for risks after all expenses have been covered. The financing of IMMA’s expenses is set up as follows :

  • Bequests from corporation and individuals
  • Bequests from the supporters’ associations (Circle of Friends)
  • Contributions from the concerts

Personnel Policy :

The fulfillment of the aims laid down for IMMA in the deed of Foundation makes great demands on the members of the Board of Foundation, the professors, collaborators and students. IMMA seeks to create a positive climate for both professors and students and to facilitate their integration into life in Switzerland. The present principles and aims of the Academy, administrative regulations and, above all, direct discussions are the means of maintaining the development of harmonious relationship between students, professors and the board of the Foundation.

The rights and duties of the students are established in writing on admittance to the Academy. The rights and duties of the professors are stipulated by contract. IMMA demands of all its participants that they respect the personality of the individual.

The aims and principles of the IMMA were approved on the 10th of November, 1983, by the Board of the Foundation and have been in effect ever since.

Posted on: August 7th, 2012