The Archives

We present here, in no particular order of importance, a selection of video interviews, rehearsals, master classes, recording sessions who, together, represent the fabric of IMMA’s soul and history. Click here to check out our videos.

Coming soon:

1) Lysy & Menuhin Academy performing for Pope John Paull II at Castle Gondolfo
2) Concert for the UICC in the presence of Pascal Couchpin, President of Uraguay andPresident of Argentina
3) Nestle Concert with Maxim Vengerov & The Menuhin Academy Orchestra
4) Rencontres 2011 Chez ” Georges Marci” Master Classes with Maxim Vengerov, Liviu Prunaru and Roustem Saitkoulov

5) Alberto Lysy and the Menuhin Academy 30th Anniversary Concert
6) Baudmer Musem Concert for Rolex
7) Exclusive rare interviews with Yehudi Menuhin about the Academy
8) Alberto Lysy Interviews
9) Jeremy Menuhin interviews
10) Master Classes with Alberto Lysy in Blonay
11) The “Rencontre Concerts” in St Legier -
12) Victoria Hall Concerts
13) Camerata Lysy Concert at the Palace Hotel Gstaad
14) Student & Alumuni interviews
15) Filming & recording sessions at Blonay
16) Menuhin Academy Quartet live on National Swiss TV

Photo Gallery


Käti Jaberg’s visit to Pope John Paul II at Castel Gandolfo

Alberto Lysy with Heinz Stucki

Queen Sofia of Spain with Alberto Lysy

Funded by the Nestlé Villa in Blonay

Irène Schwarz, Urs von Grünigen, Edwin Oehrli and Peter Kuntze

Urs Fueter with Edith and Edwin Oehrli

Alberto Lysy tries a Japanese string instrument

Summer Courses with Johannes Eskar, Yehudi Menuhin, Alberto Lysy and Radu Aldulescu

Yehudi Menuhin with Ernst Bloch, 1928

Alberto Lysy, Sophia Reuter and Yehudi Menuhin

Hanneli Lussi, Xenia Stucki, Cecilia Barraquero and Lysy

Yehudi Menuhin with Prof. Dr. Kurt Pahlen

Renata Molinari Taylor Competition

Mrs. Jolles, Mrs. Thalmann, Ambassador Thalmann, Mrs. Probst and Ambassador Probst

R. Probst, G. A. Chevallaz and F. Cotti

Igor Oistrakh and Alberto Lysy

Academy students with Yehudi Menuhin and Alberto Lysy in Gstaad

Posted on: September 28th, 2012